Español para extranjeros

Learn Spanish in Granada and make the most of your stay!

Our school

Academia en Casa is located on one of the main avenues in Granada: Camino de Ronda, right in the city center.

At our school you will find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and you will enjoy learning Spanish in spacious and light-filled classrooms. In addition, you will get the chance to take part in other activities that will allow you to become closer to the Granada city life.

Our team is made up of education professionals with years of experience. They will be at your disposal and willing to help you at any time.



At our school, we believe that the main aim when learning a language is, above all, being able to communicate with others. For that reason, in our classes you will practice constantly from a pragmatic and functional point of view. This will prepare you to face many different daily life situations successfully. method is based on a balance between grammar (an essential element to any language) and practice of different skills such as oral, comprehension and writing.

Needless to say, language and culture are inseparable. Therefore, in our classes we use real material (such as texts, press articles, songs, videos, etc.) that is framed within the Spanish culture. Furthermore, we organize weekly workshops on specific topics (society, art, current affairs) as well as cultural tours and outdoor activities. Such events will allow you to come into direct contact with the Spanish society and make the most of your learning experience.

Small group lessons

New teaching methodologies recommend small groups – between 6 and 8 people – since they lead to more effective interactions and foster an active learning process.

In our small group classes, students enjoy active and motivating learning, feeling comfortable to ask questions to their teachers and clarifying any unclear concepts during class.

Learning in small groups improves the students’ analytical and discussion skills and teachers’ assesment and follow up processes, which are otherwise difficult to carry out in traditional bigger groups of students.

DESIGN YOUR OWN COURSE, 100 % tailored to your needs

In ACADEMIA EN CASA, we specialise in providing individual academic support to all of our students. For that reason, you can even create your own study group: decide where you want the classes to take place, which schedule suits you best and we will organize it all for you.

Do you need help with a course or subject and our available offer doesn’t fit your schedule? No problem, ACADEMIA en CASA will adapt to your needs and create a course for you based on your needs: standard university subjects, languages – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish as a Second Language, etc. – highschool classes… or anything else you would like to study just for the pleasure of learning!

It is very easy, just follow these steps:


  • Talk to your classmates and find other students who are in the same situation. Groups start with a minimum of 2 students and have a maximum of 6. The more students, the better price for class.
  • Agree with your classmates on the schedule that suits you all.
  • Agree on a location for your class. In our school or at home?
  • Contact ACADEMIA en CASA, tell us what you need and, whithin 48 hours, your classes will be ready to begin.


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